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​​Optimising fleet availability, reliability and utilisation to drive higher fleet profitability is core to being competitive in today’s fleet industry.

PwC's Fleet-Key is a comprehensive fleet management solution that enables organisations to accomplish a series of specific activities in the management of any or all aspects relating to a fleet of mobile equipment. The latter can include equipment such as vehicles, trucks or buses operated by a company, government, or other organisations. These specific activities encompass all aspects ranging from vehicle acquisition through operation, maintenance and disposal. PwC's Fleet-Key is a complete solution covering 360° fleet management, all embedded with financial, supply chain, HR and OHSE functionality

PwC Fleet-Key operates as an integrated information system. It does not only gather, store, process, monitor and report fleet activities such as maintenance, accidents, warranties and utilisation, but also includes contract (lease) management, short-term rentals, billing and financial reporting across the fleet and organisation.
Some of the key functionalities include:
Financial management – This full financial module offers all the rugged functionality expected from a tier-one product.
Fleet asset management – The heart of PwC Fleet-Key, fleet asset management focuses on managing mobile fleets and equipment. It drives fleet utilisation and optimisation through effective fault management, maintenance controls and fleet planning.
Fleet case management – This module includes the functionality to group all end-user activity into a single control mechanism. It integrates across the entire organisation and all other sub-modules to deliver an integrated view of customer and user activities.
Fleet lease contract management – Various types of lease models are supported, including, for instance, options such as full-maintenance lease (FML), operational lease, managed maintenance, and roadside assistance.
Fleet rental contract management – The rental contract functionality is used for short- and long-term contract management.
Operator management – Manages equipment operators such as drivers, pilots, etc.
Customer relationship management – This module is holistically focused and manages the client integration portion of the business.
Risk management – Risk management runs across the entire fleet and organisation and allows for the identification and management of all risk types.
Supply chain management – Full-cycle supply chain and logistics management.
HR management – A complete HR module is available, with integration points for country-specific payroll.
Corporate BI & dashboards – A set of standard reports, dashboards and pivot tables is available in the product.
Mobility – Operational, maintenance and inspection tasks can be accessed and completed via a mobile device.

The PwC Fleet-Key solution has been architected within the Microsoft Dynamics AX framework. It therefore makes full use of all the flexibility, security, user management and optimisation tools offered by Microsoft through the Microsoft Dynamics AX platform. It re-uses Dynamics AX functionality, flexibility and security. The PwC Fleet-Key solution is an industry vertical that focuses on fleet management of mobile equipment and has been built using PwC's extensive experience in this industry. It makes full use of the ERP functionality offered by Microsoft via Dynamics AX as well as the enterprise asset management (EAM) functionality offered by PwC through its eXsam product. The PwC Fleet-Key solution map is included below.

The PwC Fleet-Key solution map gives a bird's-eye view of the total fleet offering. It also shows current functionality, areas where we are planning some enhancements as well as modules which will be delivered in the near future.

PwC Fleet-Key differentiates itself from competitors in that it not only offers complete fleet management functionality and is built on PwC's industry experience, but also sits inside the architecture of – and is fully integrated with – Microsoft’s Dynamics AX ERP solution. This solution forms part of PwC's CityNext solution offering.

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