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PwC enables effective grants management with Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics CRM
The Grants Management solution is a customisable solution designed to be tailored to your grant processes. Grants Manager Plus integrates with legacy applications, allows applicants to apply online, gives grantors instant access to where every grant is in the process, and facilitates the management of funding and payment authorisations.
You can use Grants Management to:
  • Automate grants management to simplify processes and reduce errors and delays
  • Customise workflows to efficiently assign and track tasks and responsibilities
  • Manage grantees’ organisational information
  • Manage grantors’ reviewer and award information
  • Manage funding and payment authorisations
  • Provide financial summary information at grant/application and program levels
  • Generate ad hoc reports and dashboards to streamline operational and strategic communications.
Integration between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics AX allows the authorisation of funding sources and the processing of payment requests from Grants Management.
Manage grant applicants
With Grants Management you can maintain a rich set of data about each grantee, including multiple address types and points of contact and a history of programs for which they have applied in the past. This helps you analyse grantees and detect impact trends through business intelligence techniques.
Manage grant reviewers
Grants Management delivers advanced functionality to identify and audit reviewers and track the entire lifecycle of the review process, including unassigned applications. You get an easy way to automate the review process, including grouping reviewers and creating a website that reviewers can use to submit review scores based on a flexible, program-driven set of criteria.
Manage awards
Grants Management helps you manage and phase out funds for a grant after it has been awarded. You can administer and monitor payments and deliverables over multiple years to ensure the grantee is meeting all of its reporting and other stated obligations.
Manage proposals
Grants Management provides a proposal management module to help you manage proposals, team members, vendors and contacts. All information on new, approved and rejected proposals is maintained and categorised for easy reviewing and auditing.
Flexible reporting
Creating custom reports for different users can be time consuming. Grants Management empowers users to easily build new custom reports using Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services. Outlook email integration is also included for many functions, such as applicant notifications and correspondence
Gants Management provides grantors with a flexible solution to manage, track and report on grant processes, from initial solicitation through review, scoring, award, payment processing and post-award reporting. Grants Management is built on a fully integrated platform to provide a simplified and cost-effective alternative to the complex and costly multi-product and development approach. It forms part of the CityNext solution offering from PwC Technology.

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