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PwC Technology is proud to offer an ITIL-aligned Service Solution which forms part of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM offering.
ITIL (the Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is one of the most widely adopted approaches for IT Service Management. It provides a practical and simple framework for identifying, planning, delivering and supporting IT services to businesses. At PwC Technology, we refer to the solution as ITIL-aligned, since we have taken an IT concept and translated it for modern business. The concepts of ITIL translate well, allowing for the following benefits to be realised: 
  • Improved service
  • Reduced costs
  • Improved customer satisfaction through a more professional approach to service delivery
  • Improved productivity Improved use of skills and experience.
The ITIL suite consists of various components which our clients can mix and match to suit their specific needs. The solution is fully configurable on an instance-by-instance basis, and the client has the option to enable or disable components on the fly.
The primary offerings include:
  • Incident Management – In the event of failure, Incident Management is geared at either restoring services as quickly as possible, or, in cases where this is not immediately possible, directing these incidents to the attention of the best-equipped parties to deal with, prompting the fastest possible resolution.
  • Problem Management – The solution uses an intelligent trend detection system to isolate potential Problems. From here, the consultant may choose to auto-create a Problem record, unless the Incident is considered unrelated. The system also analyses new/incoming Incidents being logged, and prompts the user should a possible underlying Problem already exist.
  • Change Management – From a client perspective, the Approval paths and structures for Change Requests implemented in the solution are configurable. The solution drives the relevant communications between the project team and the decision makers, ensuring transparency in the Change Request process while ensuring clarity on the progress of the project.
  • Configuration Management – Used in conjunction with or as a supporting component to Change Management, this component allows for the management of configuration items, processes and technologies. These are tracked on multiple levels of granularity and allow the maintenance of these lists. This in turn ensures transparency of the technological and other assets of the organisation as it pertains to project execution and Change Management.
  • Release Management – Although traditionally designed for IT project environments, our solution allows a degree of customisation of this component. In environments where a similar business process or methodology exists, the solution lends itself to configuration to cater for the client’s requirement. Possible applications of this component outside the IT space include Document Release Management, Policy/Procedure Management, etc.
  • SLA Management – Our solution offers an exciting new way of defining Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for Service Management. Importantly, the SLA may be defined at any level of the multi-tiered, hierarchical Service Classification. The higher up the SLA is defined, the more generic the definition of the SLA will be.
Our ITIL-aligned Service Management solution aims to provide a flexible, all-round solution that caters for most clients’ Service Management requirements and easily forms part of Microsoft's CityNext offering. With its configurable interface and experience, the level of management of Service Activities can be tailored to address most requirements without additional tailoring or customisation. At the same time, the system’s modular design allows for minor interface tweaks and alterations.

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