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Patient Pathway Management

PwC ‘s Patient Pathway Management (PPM)is a system that improves patients’ experience by facilitating patient engagement throughout their care journey.
The internet is driving customer empowerment like never before. Today, consumers not only can research, purchase and pay for goods and services at their own convenience, they demand that level of accessibility. More than ever, PCs and mobile devices are serving as proxies for the traditional bricks-and-mortar, in-store experience. That evolution is also changing the way healthcare providers and patients interact with one another. Everyone is demanding more from the healthcare system—and they want it for less. Healthcare professionals are now challenged to deliver increasingly personalized care without adding more cost into the system
With the PwC PPM solution patients can enjoy new levels of service while healthcare professionals can deliver better care and drive improved patient loyalty.  The patient or carer has greater control, greater awareness and consequently greater confidence to be responsible for their care into the future. The solution enables the following aspects:
·         Contact Management
o   Private Patient Preferences
o   Letter Generation (flags)
o   Multi-channel communication (SMS)
o   Multi-channel communication (other)
o   Multi language support
o   Accessibility Preferences
o   Holistic view of patient interactions
·         Scheduling
o   Appointment Scheduling
o   Resource management
·         Case Management
o   Operational alerts and notifications
o   Case Management
o   Clinical Portal
o   Rules engine
o   Context management
o   Search
o   Visualisation / dashboards
o   Feedback / Complaints
·         Patient Workflows
o   Patient Centric Workflow
o   Private Patient Portal
o   Public Patient Portal 
Better patient relationship pathway management helps address the macro and local challenges facing the health care providers.  PPM allows both the provider and the patient themselves to holistically monitor and manage all patient interactions. The higher levels of patient engagement and empowerment will allow them to become active participants in their care, through more informed patients, clinicians, and operational staff. The solution delivers coordination and efficiency through improved and automated processes including identification of DNAs, appointments, operational alerts and through proactive case management while keeping the patient in the centre of the interaction.
Ultimately the solution provides better information, management, and proactive communication of patients’ care plans including alerts on changes in the patient journey, leading to reduced miscommunication, duplication of activities, and number of hospital visits

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