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Ease of use, quick and efficient user support request handling is embodied in the PwC Technology Call Centre service desk. Empowered and trained to resolve basic requests on a first call resolution basis, the Exordia Call Centre is designed to minimise the time, stress and impact on productivity typically associated with interrupted IT services being delivered to end users.

PwC Technology takes a multi tiered approach to technical support call resolution providing direct access by the Call Centre staff to senior technical and consulting staff to ensure efficient and effective resolution to issues affecting productivity in your business. Free up management time by allowing users to log requests directly knowing that the PwC Technology Call Centre will manage each issue through to resolution. ‚Äč

 Support Center 

Technical Help Desk:

0860 123 321 (Local)

+27 (0) 11 563 7300 (Int)

SMS: 43557