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Network Services

True Cloud Computing

PwC Technology hosted Services are true internet services.  This means that you can get access to any of the centralised services, through any internet connection that you may have, you do not have to get connectivity from any particular provider or us.

Network Services

 For those clients that do require connectivity from us, PwC Technology has a comprehensive list of technology's at its disposal which will allow us to connect your offices almost anywhere in the world.  Please contact us if you need assistance, with our years of experience and specialist engineers and technicians on hand, we will gladly assist.


PwC Technology developed the Hyper-Connect solution which provides amazing user level monitoring, cost and cap controls, across all forms of connectivity.   You are able to connect all the various types of connectivity (Leased lines like Diginet, fbre and microwave together with ADSL and 3G.  This means that your company users can use the best form of connectivity, but your company is able to apply all the group policy's and cost controls that you require.   Click here for the Hyper-Connect brochure

Connectivity Types 

PwC Technology have a number of technology's which can be used, here are the main ones which clients use to connect:


PwC Technology uses Diginet as the main form of connectivity to large user base locations.  Running on MTN's MPLS Backbone with their 24/7 monitoring and technical staff, combined with PwC Technology monitoring, technical staff and systems makes the service experience the most stable, reliable and managed form of connectivity.  PwC Technology deploy state of the art, (client determined) QoS (Quality of Service) tools to provide a stable experience.


PwC Technology provides hundreds of user and offices ADSL access on a corporate "pay-per use" model.  This means that clients only pay for the bandwidth they need and use.   This Service can also be used as a redundant solution for sites or even bonded into the clients network with his other connections so it is seen as one network with company policy's and monitoring being applied.


For clients in remote areas, or areas where connectivity is a problem we have a VSAT solution which can be deployed.  This results on only power being required locally at that branch and is ideal for mining and manufacturing clients.  This service can also be bonded into your network with all your other sites.


For all the mobile users we have a corporate "3G" solution from both MTN and Vodacom which we can provide.  This service is also on a "pay-per-use" basis and is a managed service so management can monitor staff consumption and usage.


PwC Technology still provide a dial-up service for those locations where no modern form of connectivity exists and a phone line is still available.

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