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  • PwC Technology – Strategic Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Product Released
    This week PwC Technology, a division of PwC South Africa, released the updated version of their Strategic Enterprise Asset Management Product eXsam. The new release includes core product and industry specific enhancements such as Asset Condition Based Value Calculations, Tyre Management, Fuel Management, Lease Management as well as Bing Map Integration and MRO Billing. The new features will be available via the industry product verticals for Mining, Utilities, Fleet, Public Sector and Property Management.
    In addition to the updates to eXsam, there are also two exciting new vertical products: Key-Risk and Insight-Key.
    Key-Risk is a complete Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) solution. The aim is to supply organisations with a centralised corporate repository for their risk portfolio and have visibility and analysis capabilities across all divisions, departments and business processes. An integration framework is available to pull information from other corporate solutions into Key-Risk. The solution supports the full lifecycle of a risk managed; from identification to mitigation.
    Insight-Key is an Asset Centric Business Intelligence solution which includes advanced pivot tables and dashboard to give executives an instant view on corporate asset and equipment performance. It includes graphs and dashboards for areas such as asset profitability, asset location tracking, maintenance, operations, incidents, accidents and permits. An integration framework is available to frequently refresh information from other corporate solutions into Insight-Key.
    PwC Technology focusses on delivering business solutions and hosted services. We distribute products via a partner network. Contact us to find out how we can help you.
  • PwC Technology has cut the costs of connectivity by up to 54% on its mobile data “3G”, ADSL and Internet connectivity products -15 July 2013
    PwC Technology currently provides end user connectivity across all major technology’s like leased lines, ADSL, 3G, fibre, microwave and satellite. All companies require Internet access, and this is a constantly growing requirement and increasing cost. We are happy to announce a substantial drop in the rates at which this will be provided to our customers.
    Bandwidth costs in South Africa have historically been high, and as a result most companies install under-sized bandwidth, thereby hindering their business and potential growth. Most leading South African bandwidth providers are working on creating more affordable bandwidth options and PwC Technology are at the forefront of controllable bandwidth solutions.
    Hyper-Connect:  As our customers know, PwC Technology developed the Hyper-Connect solution which provides amazing user level monitoring cost and cap control across all forms of connectivity. All of these data rates apply to our customers using Hyper-Connect from PwC Technology. By using Hyper-Connect from PwC Technology you will be able to get all the benefits of complete user management, web filtering and cost controls on 3G, ADSL and your leased lines, and now at even greater data rates to keep the total costs down.
    Data Rates:    The following data rates are available from PwC Technology from 1 July 2013:
    ·          Mobile Data:  MTN “3G”data has dropped by 54% to 23c per MB for our pay per use users.    
    ·          Internet breakout:  Internet access rates drop by 52% for our pay per use users. Contact your client manager for the tables and to determine the best tier for your company.
    ·          ADSL:  ADSL local only rate drops by 37.5% to 2.5c per MB for our pay per use users.  
    More Information:
    Please contact your client manager or the PwC Technology call Centre on 0860 123 321 for more information.


  • PwC Technology honoured by Microsoft for third consecutive year - 13 July 2011
    PwC Technology has again been acknowledged by Microsoft for its outstanding level of sales achievement and innovation. For the third consecutive year, it has joined the prestigious Microsoft Dynamics® Inner Circle as a leading service provider of Microsoft Dynamics AX and CRM implementation and hosting. read full release


  • PricewaterhouseCoopers Technology nominated as a Finalist - 26 August 2010
    PRICEWATERHOUSECOOPERS Technology is nominated as a Finalist for the 2010 Microsoft South Africa Partner of the Year for Hosting Solutions.

    PwC Technology is recognised by Microsoft for its distinction in providing Hosting Solutions to the African Market. read full release


  • PricewaterhouseCoopers Technology Joins the 2010 Inner Circle for Microsoft Dynamics - 12 July 2010
    PricewaterhouseCoopers Technology, a leading provider of Microsoft Dynamics AX and CRM implementation and hosting services, has joined the prestigious 2010 Inner Circle for Microsoft Dynamics, for the second year in a row. This elite group showcases the excellence of the organisation’s performance which ranks them at the top echelon of the Microsoft Dynamics global network of partners. Members of the Microsoft Dynamics Inner Circle have performed to a high standard of excellence by delivering valuable solutions that help organisations achieve improved business efficiencies and success.

    This recognition of the Microsoft Dynamics Inner Circle was awarded during the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC), the company’s annual premier partner event, which took place in Washington last week. read full release


  • Microsoft takes business software further into the cloud - 1 December 2009
    Richard Halton, the director of ICT advisory specialists PwC Technology, says local business’ appetite for hosted services has increased "exponentially" over the past two years, with growing numbers of companies happy to outsource their critical business applications to trusted suppliers.

    "We used to spend 90% of our time showing people the benefits of hosted services. Now, as companies become more comfortable with security and service availability issues, we’re seeing a definite, fundamental shift in the way technology is being sourced, used and paid for," says Halton. read full release


  • PwC Technology named to the 2009 Microsoft Dynamics Inner Circle - 3 September 2009
    In acknowledgment of exceptional service and sales performance, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC’s) Technology has been named to the 2009 Microsoft Dynamics® Inner Circle.

    This recognition came during Microsoft Corp.’s Worldwide Partner Conference 2009 in New Orleans. This elite group showcases the excellence of the team’s performance which ranks them at the top echelon of the Microsoft Dynamics global network of partners. In addition,
    these top partners have demonstrated exceptional overall company performance by delivering valuable solutions that help Microsoft Dynamics customers drive their business forward. read full release
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